It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No! It's Me Home Alone on the Weekends

by Everyone Says

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released April 26, 2016



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Everyone Says Chicago, Illinois

Everyone Says is a pop-punk/alternative band hailing from the south Chicago suburbs. Currently comprising of Peter Hunt Szpytek, Kevin Purackel, Will Moore and Bridget Stiebris, these four eclectic musicians have played iconic venues such as the Chicago House of Blues, the Bottom Lounge, and Subterranean. ... more

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Track Name: American Pop-Punk
nothing feels the same
i've been up all night
driving and feeling so down
trying not to think about
how you don't need me like i need you
don't say you love me, baby
because we both know that you're no good at lying
and i'm sick of seeing you around

i don't think that
i want to be saved by you

i don't think that i should be used to sleeping in my clothes with the lights on
i guess everything is different now
you've been moving west
i've been moving on

it's been raining in my head
since like 2012
back then i thought the world was ending
i thought we would all be gone before i could fix myself
i guess the mayans are good at pretending
i've been acting like i'm strong
but honestly i haven't slept in so long
i feel emptier sitting in a church
than i do most nights alone

when I grow up
i want to be nothing

i'm just like the weather
i never get better
and all i feel is alone
and every new summer
shit just gets tougher
and i still feel so alone
i feel so alone
Track Name: "You're Not Dying, You Just Can't Think of Anything Better to Do."
i woke up today, i decided that i'm never coming back to this place again
it took a late night panic attack to realize that
i was never good enough for you
you could never be proud of me
i tried so hard to make you see
i've been driving recklessly
in hopes that life is out to get me

i'm at the end of my rope
trying not to let go
i've always felt so empty
i settled for second place
my whole life i'll always sing
"i'm not sorry for anything"

i realized that i'm not satisfied with staying stationary
i'm a picture waiting for my frame to be replaced
so paint me black and blue
when I've only felt the gray
i always seem so out of place

it's these homesick ghosts
that keep me awake at night
i think i'm one of them
i'm losing control of my life
it's 4 am again and you're still on my mind
Track Name: "You're Tearing Me Apart, Lisa!"
loneliness is comforting
it's always been there for me
i feel so disconnected
from everyone I see

you can't come over now
tonight is reserved
for fighting all my demons

i am terrified
they keep me up all night
i'm so sick and tired
of being sick and tired
i'm a nervous wreck
it's been so long since I felt
like i used to
"we got used, too."

i'm horrified that I'm wasting my life
for people who wouldn't waste theirs for me
i don't mean anything to anyone around here anymore

you've gotta give me space
gotta shut these voices out of my head
Track Name: Tinnitus
if i stopped thinking of you
would the world fall apart?
or is my head playing tricks on my heart again?
i'm homesick for you
you never believed me
you said i was wrong
so i burnt all your letters
and wrote you a song to say
i hope he's everything i'm not

when you think of me
i hope you don't feel a thing

it's okay
you can say it
i fucked up again
and i lied when i said we could
just be friends
cause we both know it hurts too much
you deserve better then my distant love
i'll admit it
i'm never letting this go
but I'm trying
so i just thought you should know
that you deserve more than my close up lies
and it kills me each night i see you call again

the thought of you with him is making me sick
but not as sick as the thought of you alone
please stop calling i won't pick up the phone
if we're better off this way, then why do i feel like i'm drowning?
i guess that's the way it has to be

i miss you
oh. i miss you
and i'm sorry
i'm so sorry

when you think of me
please remember everything
Track Name: 'I love you.' 'I know.'
i'm calling bullshit
i know that you love him more
than you could ever love me
(i mean you send me pictures of you guys hanging out all the time)
i know that you think about him every night
before you go to sleep

i hope you that know what you're missing
i hope it keeps you up most nights
i hope that you would think about me
from time to time
but for now I'll just lay in my bed
cold and all alone

i've been working on not having
panic attacks
whenever i see you two together
(i mean he's at your house every time i show up)
fuck you for laughing at all his lame jokes
why can't i make you happy?
(oh, come on!)

i hope you that know what you're missing
(i mean, really, you're with him again?)
i hope it keeps you up most nights
(iike, every single day, what the hell?)
i hope that you would think about me
from time to time
(clearly you're
but for now i'll just lay in my bed
cold and all alone
Track Name: 19W211
i don't sleep well anymore
i just stay awake at night and overthink my life
these past four years have been so lonely
i don't think that I belong anywhere

hey mom, i've been missing you to death
last year i wrote you a letter
but i don't think that you'd recognize me now
i'm sorry that i haven't been home
i'm just not sure where that is anymore

i took your pictures off the wall and put them in a box and wrote
"never open me again"
i'm moving on through not thinking about you
i just don't think that it's working out so well

nothing feels the same

hey mom, i've been missing you to death
last year i wrote you a letter
but i'm not sure that you'd recognize me now
although i've got this emptiness inside of me
i'm not standing still here anymore